Why Video FAQs?

If you’re selling products or services online, you’ll inevitably face the same questions from your customers on a regular basis.

Businesses generally use traditional text-based FAQs on a website to answer common queries, or sometimes have dedicated staff to respond, but with video FAQs you can significantly improve your company experience. In this short post, you’ll learn the importance of incorporating videos on your FAQ page.

Videos are extremely effective when it comes to customer satisfaction. According to Hubspot, video offers the highest ROI of any media.

While the FAQ page isn’t something you think of as a marketing tool, it’s actually a fantastic use of video content that can also help sell your services. After all, your customers are more likely to be interested in working with your business after they’ve seen how quickly, and innovatively you can solve their problems.

Selling Stats
Quick stats:

● Viewers retain 95% of the message when they watch a video. This number is just 10% for text. (https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2017/03/08/video-marketing-statistics)

Showcasing products is the most leveraged type of video content and has the highest ROI. (https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/video-marketing-report)

By creating video FAQs, you are giving your potential clients exactly what they want. But there is far more to video FAQs than a just a simple text conversion.

Capture Valuable Data

Via a well-equipped hosting platform, you’ll capture valuable viewer data that can help shape your content marketing strategy. For instance, after you learn about your most viewed FAQ videos, you can improve the offering on that product or better communicate the main benefits to your customers.

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Reduced Number of Support Tickets

If your company gets a large volume of support tickets, video content FAQs can dramatically reduce support queries. Less time solving problems means more time to work on the projects that matter.

Free up time, create more value for your customers, and innovate now - all by creating an FAQ video.

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