Content Marketing. In-house or External?

Content marketing is critically important to grow your business.

Should you allocate a budget to create an in-house content marketing team, or outsource the team externally?

Here are some reasons why you should go in-house with your content marketing team to produce high-quality content that adds significant value to your business:

Expert Input:

Creating high quality content by yourself can be time consuming, and you might not know the appropriate strategies for your business. An in-house content marketing team can dramatically improve your new or existing content marketing efforts. With a dedicated team of experts, they’ll be able to identify content marketing opportunities, content development and marketing execution across different strategic channels.

Innovative Ideas:

With innovative marketing strategies from your content marketing team, you can significantly improve on existing content or create a brand-new content marketing direction that’s unique to your business.

Content Marketing
Staying on Top of Marketing Trends

Digital and content marketing move at a rapid-fire speed. It’s extremely difficult for an average business owner to stay on top of emerging marketing trends. For instance, since the start of the pandemic, video content marketing has grown far larger than predicted, with more businesses adopting video content as a main part of their marketing strategy. In-house experts can advise you to adopt emerging technologies as they’ll be familiar with different facets of content marketing for your business.

Although an in-house content marketing team has its upsides, there are several factors that can affect the efficiency of your content marketing efforts. As a result, you might be looking to hire an external content marketing agency to help your business’ growth.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you work with a content marketing agency:

Significant Cost Reduction

Although outsourcing your entire content marketing may seem expensive, the potential savings in expenses can dramatically improve ROI.
Creating in-house content requires a dedicated team, meaning added salaries, benefits, as well as operating costs. Moreover, due to the sheer variety in content, it can be difficult to maintain the highest quality that your potential customers might expect from your brand.


A content marketing agency with a wide range of industry experience can change content marketing plans on the fly to accommodate a business and changing markets.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

The majority of content agencies offer tailored marketing solutions. As digital marketing changes at breakneck speed, it can be difficult to create a dedicated in-house marketing team that understands all of the needs, or perhaps has the level of expertise. You might be late to emergent marketing opportunities and miss out on potential leads. Therefore, a dedicated content marketing agency can significantly improve your marketing effort.

Time Saving

More often than not, businesses tend to scrap content marketing after wasting time on creating content without a clear and educated plan. Therefore, the team doesn’t achieve the expected ROI. However, an experienced agency can dramatically improve brand awareness and conversion goals among potential customers.

Proven Track Record

When going in-house, you’re taking a major risk, as success in content marketing is never guaranteed. More often than not, small in-house content marketing teams fail to deliver results due to a lack of diverse content strategy. A content marketing agency with a proven track record is more likely to deliver guaranteed outcomes.

We provide customized content marketing solutions according to your business’ requirements. If you’re interested in working with a content creation company that can deliver results, feel free to contact us to discuss further.


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