How can Legal Companies Lead with Video Content

Having shot hundreds of hours of video content for a wide range of companies over the last decade, we have seen how video, specifically marketing, has been considered as an optional element of a company’s marketing campaign.

Video is an extremely effective marketing strategy across all industries. Research in 2021 by Optinmonster provided some key statistics from industry experts:

● 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain video marketing expenditure.

● 89% of marketers claim that video contents give them good ROI.

● 92% of marketing experts say that video content plays a significant role in their marketing campaigns.

● 84% of the responders revealed that a brand’s explainer video convinced them to buy a product or service.

● Most importantly, 96% of people revealed that they watched an explainer before buying a product or a service.

While the stats are impressive, there are several key benefits to adding video content to your legal firm’s marketing strategy:

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Faster Consumption: As the smartphone market has grown exponentially over the last decade, people have developed a shorter attention span.

Modern consumers have an attention span of only 8 seconds. As a result, you’ll need to create content that immediately attracts attention. Video content can achieve this by incorporating key elements of your services with strategic use of images and video to convey messages.
With engaging videos, you’ll provide more information within a shorter time frame to help your audience decide how to engage with your website and legal company.

Better Discovery Through Search: SEO is a typical strategy that helps a website rank well on search engines. Simply put, if search engine software finds relevant information on your webpage, it’ll start ranking within the search results. Although algorithms determine webpages’ ranking based on hundreds of variables, engaging video content can provides a dramatic boost in your ranking on search engines.
Most modern search engines have a dedicated video section that features informative videos that help businesses reach potential clients without spending a fortune on digital marketing.

Due to the number of different video content types suitable for legal companies, you’ll need to select perfect video categories for your target audience. These range from internal employee communications, to acquiring prospective clients. Regardless of your decision, you’ll need to consider several elements before working on the content, this include:

Identifying Goals: Similar to text-based marketing plans, you’ll need to know your goals before starting to work on the video content of your legal website. Instead of covering all of the services in one video, focus on creating one video for each service, and express clearly how you can help your clients with that specific issue.

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Schedule Your Content: To attract potential clients through your video content, create a content schedule before you start working on the videos.
A content schedule will let you work on your content while keeping the upload schedule and promotion in mind. This strategy will provide consistent leads through campaigns that rely on video content.

Branding: You’ll need to integrate your branding within the video while keeping the video style and aesthetic consistent. Your potential clients should identify your brand through your delivery of video content.
Although it’s difficult to express yourself through text-based content, you can clearly establish your brand identity through video content.
Well-made video content will see your brand appear more trustworthy among the competitors.

Implement CTAs: When creating the video content, encourage feedback and engagement from viewers. In return, you’ll know the type of content that is working to meet your goals.
Don’t be afraid to adjust your video content strategies based on visitor’s feedback. With effective call to actions (CTAs), you’ll keep your existing clients while increasing conversion rates for future clients.

At Mad Manners, we specialise in creating video content for all industries. We’ll guide you through the entire process from start to finish and help you attract more clients through effective video content.

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